Fascination About תגיש לי

Make sure you try to remember to reply to and – if correct – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which deal with the nominator will never affect the results of the nomination. Thank you!

Hi Deror avi, now you see how misleading Google translate is — this time from the opposite aspect ;) Even if the English put and German Platz appear to be related, they have a unique that means.

הדרך הנימוסית יכולה להיות "תודה ששאלת והתעניינת, אך זה נושא שאיני רוצה לדבר עליו". ואם מישהו מגזים - לא יזיק לענות בקצת יותר תקיפות. זו לא חוצפה. השאלה שלו/ה היא החוצפה.

This screenshot reveals exactly the same edit as the wikitext diff. The visual diff highlights the removing of 1 term as well as addition of a different sentence.

The best way to change amongst the Visible modifying method plus the wikitext modifying method has become constant. There exists a fall-down menu that displays the two alternatives. This can be now the same in desktop and cellular Website editing, and within things which embed editing, including Circulation. [twelve]

אינני יודע ואין מילים בפי כיצד להודות לך; העובדה שנתת בי אמון וסמכת עליי- החמיאה ועודנה מחמיאה לי מאוד.

הוא חיפש ומצא את האחד שכן האמין בו, שליווה אותו, שנתן לו הזדמנות- מבלי לדעת מה תהיה התוצאה ומה מידת השיפור שיעשה.

Many thanks for uploading Image:P4160108.JPG. I observe the impression web site at present isn't going to specify who designed the content, Hence the תגיש לי copyright standing is unclear. When you've got not developed this media you then you have to argue that We now have the right to make use of the media on Wikimedia Commons (see copyright tagging beneath).

Take note that any unsourced and untagged visuals are going to be deleted a person 7 days when they have been uploaded, as described on conditions for quick deletion.

וכך, לאורך השנים אנחנו זורעים זרעים קטנים ומטפחים אותם- מעודדים או מדכאים שאיפות.

, but in fact, her grandmother presents her an exceptionally treasured a person - a story by no means advised to everyone else right before. This story of initiation may be decode only if the Lady grows up and absolutely matures. According to the nicely-identified investigation of Mircea Eliade[seven], in the whole process of initiation, girls and boys learn how to function as Grownups in Culture the place These are belong to; what spiritual and cultural values are thought of within the eyes of their Culture; which conduct is needed of these; and Exactly what are the very important establishments of their society. כמו כן הם נחשפים למסורות שבטיות-דתיות ולמיתוסים הקדושים לחברה בתוכה הם עתידים לחיות כבוגרים (Eliade, 1965: X) 3 . Also, They're exposed to tribal traditions - religious myths in Culture they may Stay as Older people.

Be sure to bear in mind to reply to and – if suitable – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which center on the nominator won't have an impact on the result of the nomination. Thank you!

הנמען החוץ-טקסטואלי, המצליב בין המתחולל בתודעת הסבתא, לבין ה"אגדה" שמגוללת את סיפורה, כשיר להרכיב את סיפור העדות המקוטע המגולל את פרשת הינצלותה של הילדה - מן הצורר הנאצי כמו מבן האיכרים המתעלל.

You should try to remember to reply to and – if suitable – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which concentrate on the nominator will not likely have an affect on the result of the nomination. Thanks!

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